DVD Disclaimer & Returns information:

Dear Valued Customer,
Not all DVDís created today are guaranteed to play on all DVD players on the market. This is not an issue isolated with Shawn Beuscher, LLC, but an issue that all low volume DVD creators have to deal with. If you experience skipping or other playback anomalies, it may not be your DVD disc at fault, but actually your DVD player. Most DVD players sold today do not have problems playing the DVD-R format, but some units are still not fully compatible with the DVD-r format. Also keep in mind that fingerprints and scratches are the most common reasons for DVD playback issues.

If you have a concern that your DVD player might be a unit that is not fully compatible with the DVD-r format, you can search your unitsí model number on a website dedicated for this purpose at www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers.

If you do have a DVD player that is not fully compatible, donít fret. Chances are you will be replacing that unit sooner or later with the newer recordable DVD units or a newer Blu-Ray unit that are widely available today.

Unlike VHS tape which physically starts to fall apart after 10 years, DVD is theorized to last over 100 years! We hope you enjoy your dance DVD for years and generations to come.

Please click HERE for return information.