When you want the best dance videos in Kansas City, Shawn Beuscher, llc. delivers every time! Below you will find video examples of our dance services and products that we offer.

Company demos
In addition to our high quality dance related videos, Shawn Beuscher, llc. also provides a wide range of video production services for our corporate clients. Below are demos of some of diverse work provided by Shawn Beuscher, llc.

Dance Products & Services demos
Shawn Beuscher, llc. offers both photography and video products and services for our dance studio clientele. The videos below showcase the many fine options available to your studio and dance families.

Studio Recital DVD openers
Our recital DVDs are highly produced from start to finish and all start with our signature highlight video openers. The examples below are actual client DVD hightlight openers.

Photo Scrapbook videos
For our clients that we provide both photo and video services for, we offer a FREE video production of all the studio shot group photos edited to music. For families that purchase a photo package in addition to the recital DVD, we add an individual image of the dancer to be included in the photo scrapbook video. Below's example is from The Pulse Performing Arts Center's original ballet production "New York City".